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This game is currently in a rapid development early prototype phase, and I could use your help. So please, if you play my game leave my some feedback either here or on the dedicated subreddit. I'm a one man dev team so I'm likely to miss stuff. Let me know what you liked, what you didn't like, bugs you encounter, things that confused you or places you got stuck. I wanna hear it all!


Milo's Many Nightmares is a short survival horror game in development based on the Ludum Dare entry "Safe or Sorry". In it you play as Milo, a young boy, trying to overcome his fears and nightmares. Each level is a new nightmare in a new land with new monsters and new game mechanics.

Latest Build: 0.0.2


- This build is only the challenge mode from the first nightmare Scopophobia (the fear of being looked at).

- Press the button to the right to score points and spawn monsters.

- Press the button to the left to bank all of your points and end the game.


- WASD: Move

- Left Click: Interact with the world

- Mouse: Look around

Newest Release Notes (3/3/2016):

  • Fixed alignment Issues
  • Added an interaction system (not really noticeable in this build)
  • Added interaction icons
  • Touching the monster wakes it up now
  • Fixed floating lanterns
  • Fixed stalactite trapping player
  • Minor graphic improvements and level design

Install instructions

Just Unzip and play!


MilosManyNightmares.zip 387 MB