A downloadable game

Warning: This game is unfinished. I ran out of time. There is no win state.

The putties need power to keep on putty-ing around. Build huts to make more putties. Burn trees and drill oil to make more energy. Survive as long as you can.


WASD to move the camera

Left click to select putties

Right click to send them on tasks

Buildings: Huts - Produce a constant stream of putties. More huts means more putties, but be careful too many putties currently drop the frame rate.

Oil rigs - You can send a putty to this building and they will collect oil.

Furnaces- Putties need to burn trees and oil to turn it into energy. Build more of these so putties don’t have to walk as far.


TheProblemWIthPutties.zip 110 MB

Install instructions

Just unzip and run the exe.