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Roomba Fight Club is a third person vehicular combat game on a very small scale. Armed with only a Roomba with a knife glued to it, attempt to pop all of your opponent's balloons before they pop yours.


A -Turn left

D - Turn right

W - Move forward

S - Move in reverse

R - Take screenshot

Note: It's possible to play locally against a second player, but it requires a game-pad for player 2. This mode has not been tested as thoroughly as single player so if it breaks I apologize. If you are using a dual Shock 4 controller you'll need to download DS4Windows.

This game was made in 48 hours as part of Ludum Dare. If you are judging and want to give me a good score you can find my LD37 link HERE.


RoombaFightClub.zip 98 MB

Install instructions

Just unzip and run the executable. Enjoy!

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